Als Teil unseres fortwährenden Engagements für Nachhaltigkeit sind die Genelec RAW-Lautsprecher die perfekte Mischung aus außergewöhnlichem Klang, besonderer Ästhetik und geringerer Umweltbelastung.

Genelec RAW Speaker

Studio, AV or Home. RAW is for everyone.

Our RAW look avoids painting and finishing processes, capturing instead the natural beauty of our recycled aluminium loudspeaker cabinets. This not only reduces the environmental impact during manufacturing, but gives each loudspeaker its own individual visual flair. The RAW range features some of our best-loved designs for studio, AV and home applications, and now includes our compact-yet-powerful ’xx10’ and G One loudspeakers.

Flawless sound, stunning looks.

All RAW models feature our timeless Minimum Diffraction Enclosure (MDE) design, developed in close collaboration with leading industrial designer Harri Koskinen. The curved form of its slimline enclosure delivers incredibly flat frequency response, precise imaging and unparalleled acoustical performance. With flawless sound and stunning looks, RAW has it all.

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