null Genelec visits Chinese sound art explorer Wang Lu

Genelec visits Chinese sound art explorer Wang Lu

It was a pleasure to catch up recently with Chinese music icon, multi-talented sound art explorer and long-time Genelec user, Wang Lu, who's known in the West as L+R.

Wang Lu is a force of nature in the Chinese music world, not only finding success with his own music and a string of regionally-well-known artists, but demonstrating a rare level of adaptability in sound artistry. He's an unstoppable creative, thriving in myriad roles, including sound artist, composer, electronic music producer, arranger, interactive sound experience producer, radio host and DJ – and has even helped make globally-aired commercials for Apple and Xiaomi!

Though Wang Lu's personality and creative power keep him in the limelight, he's also highly respected for sharing knowledge. As such, he's become Expert Consultant for the Professional Live Recording and Sound Reinforcement Technology Committee at the Chinese Recording Engineers Association.

Wang Lu’s studio work is powered by a Genelec 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos system utilising our Smart Active Monitoring Technology courtesy of eleven 8330 monitors and two 7360 subwoofers – with calibration and management from Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM) software.

In our exclusive video interview, Wang Lu shares his unusually philosophical views about musical inspiration and being ready to embrace it at any moment. His refreshingly instinctual approach to creativity and genuine love for exploring sound will surely leave you thinking – and might just inspire your next move!

So, check out his video by clicking play below.

Genelec | ‘Sound is the Only Exit’ with Sound Art Explorer Wang Lu (L+R)

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